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Online Coaching with Ben Jagt. Book our coaches for a 1 hour online coaching session. They will work with you on the topic of your choice within Ultimate Frisbee. Once booking is complete the coach will reach out to you through email and get in touch to set up a 1 hour online coaching session.

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Ben Jagt is a 9 year veteran of the AUDL and two time MVP (19' and 21'). He's had success at every level, winning a college championship (16') with the University of Minnesota and two AUDL championships with the Empire (19' and 22') and was selected as one of 27 men chosen to represent the United States in 2020 in international play. He joined the D line this most recent season, bolstering their championship run as the best defensive unit in the league. He specializes in offensive flow, defensive positioning and field awareness. Ben has coached middle school Ultimate frisbee in NYC for five years.