Advanced Coaching - Jeff Babbitt - Online

Online Coaching with Jeff Babbitt. Book our coaches for a 1 hour online coaching session. They will work with you on the topic of your choice within Ultimate Frisbee. Once booking is complete the coach will reach out to you through email and get in touch to set up a 1 hour online coaching session.

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About this Coach: Jeff is well known as one of the best athletes in the sport of Ultimate. He has pushed his athleticism to the peak of the sport and makes jaw dropping plays all over the field. Jeff has captained the Empire for 6 years, coached in the elite club division, high school division and middle school division for 4, 2 and 3 years respectively.  He has a vast depth of knowledge on all aspects of the sport and his many years of coaching have allowed him to distill information down into an immediately absorbable way.